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The Big Sky Lodge is located right off Mt. Rushmore Road.
We are on the way to all the major Black Hills Attractions including:

Mount Rushmore, 25 minutes away*

Mount Rushmore was carved from granite by sculptor Gutzon Borglum. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are immortalized and forever awed at by thousands of visitors every year.

Rapid City

Rapid City is nestled at the base of the Black Hills. It is the gateway to your vacation adventures. Rapid City is packed full of beautiful city parks, shopping malls, and an exquisite downtown.

Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park was created in 1936 with WPA funding. These five gigantic prehistoric creature and proudly watch over Rapid City from their home on Skyline Drive.

Storybook Island

Story Book Island is one of Rapid City's hidden treasures. A free attraction, this historical playground opened on August 16, 1959 to delight children for decades to come.

Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse is the world's largest sculpture. Carving started in 1948 by Korczak Ziolkowski. His vision is still in progress, with daily blasts and a captivating museum. This shrine to the Native American culture is a must see by all visitors to the Black Hills.

The George S. Mickelson Trail

The George S. Mickelson Trail, in the heart of the beautiful Black Hills, was completed in September of 1998. Its gentle slopes and easy access allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the beauty of the Black Hills.

Custer State Park

Custer State Park in the Black Hills encompasses 71,000 acres. Entertain your adventurous side, with hiking, wildlife loops and Custer State Park's one of a kind Annual Buffalo Round-up.

The Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park is located in southwestern South Dakota. The parks consists of 244,000 acres of sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires blended with the largest, protected mixed grass prairie in the United States. The Badlands Wilderness Area covers 64,000 acres and is the site of the reintroduction of the black-footed ferret, the most endangered land mammal in North America.

Devil's Tower

Devils Tower is a geological wonder. The nearly vertical monolith rises 1,267 feet above the meandering Belle Fourche River. It is located in the western part of the Black Hills and has challenged rock climbers from the world over.

Harney Peak

Harney Peak is known as the Heart of the Black Hills. 7,242 feet at the summit, Harney Peak is the highest peak east of the Rockies. From the top you get the privilege of one of the worlds most breathtaking views. The 4-6 hour round trip hike takes you to an abandon, castle-like Forest Service fire lookout and a breathtaking view you will never forget.

Spearfish Canyon

Spearfish Canyon winds through the rolling hills of this 1,347 acre park. The Canyon walls are covered with pine forests, deciduous woodlands, and prairie grasslands. Spearfish Canyon's true beauty and majesty shine trough the stunning yellow and golden leaves in the Autumn months.


Sturgis!!! Every year, in early August, the Black Hills growl as hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts pour in from all over the world. They come to Sturgis to participate in one of the largest annual motorcycle rallies. When the 'bikers' come the tiny town of 6,500 grows to the size of a metropolis. There is always something to do, whether it's attending huge concert or going to one of many motorcycle races, or just a stroll down the one-of-a-kind main street.

Historic Deadwood

Deadwood's streets bleed history. A walk down Deadwood's historic main street and you are transported to an era of gold mining and the real Wild West. Deadwood is the final resting place of Wild Bill Hickock, and Calamity Jane. Today Deadwood plays host to the Black Hills tourist by providing an exciting gaming environment.


Lead South Dakota is home of the Homestake Gold Mine. The century-old community of Lead was founded by miners and determined merchants who came to the Black Hills in search of their own rewards. Lead is packed full of the history that built the Black Hills. Leads museums, educational stops, and breathtaking surroundings are a must see in the Hills.

Wall Drug

"Where the Heck is Wall Drug?" Anyone who travels across the Midwest has to ask themselves that question. Located in Wall, South Dakota is the store with a sense of humor. Wall Drug Store got its start during the Depression years by offering Free Ice Water to thirsty travelers and by building its reputation on friendly service. So stop in for a much needed break and, yes sir-re, you can still get a free glass of icy cold water.

The Black Hills National Forest

The Black Hills National Forest is located in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming on 1.2 million ponderosa pine-studded acres ranging in elevation as high as 7,242 feet. Every square foot of the Black Hills is packed with history and adventure. Weather you are a Hiker, an explorer, a fisherman, a gambler, a historian, a nature lover or just a person looking for a great place to vacation, the Black Hills has something for you.

Fort Hays Chuckwagon Mt. Rushmore Tour

Start your day at Fort Hays Chuckwagon, site of the Oscar award winning movie set, Dances with Wolves. Walk along our boardwalk and make your own brick, tin plate or twine lasso rope. There is no admission fee to browse the film set & South Dakota Film Museum. See the original buildings used in this popular Wild West movie. Enjoy All-You-Can-Eat Cowboy Pancakes for 99 cents! Find the perfect souvenior at the Fort Hays Gift Shop.

Then, head out for a Perfect Day Tour of the Black Hills. Reserve your seats on one of our comfortable tour buses... the most relaxing way to experience Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, Needles Highway, Needles Eye Tunnel and the many scenic byways scattered throughout.

Other Black Hills Attractions

Some of the other Black Hills attractions not listed above are
  • Several Beautiful Underground Caves including Jewel Cave and Wind Cave.
  • The President's Park
  • Rushmore Waterslide
  • Reptile Gardens
  • Bear Country USA
  • The Maze
  • The Cosmos Mystery Area
  • Terry Peak and Dear Mountain, Pristine Cross Country Skiing.
  • Peter Norbeck National Scenic Byway
  • The Needles Formation and Cathedral Spires Formations
  • Beautiful Lakes
  • Historic Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • The Journey Museum
  • The 1880 Train
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